Castello di Maredolce

Palermo, Italy

Castello di Maredolce


The Maredolce Castle (Italian: Castello di Maredolce), also called Favara Palace (Italian: Palazzo della Favara), is a medieval building of Palermo. During the Siculo-Norman age it represented one of the "Solatii Regii" of the Kings of Sicily in the capital city. It is located within Favara Park, in the neighbourhood of Brancaccio.

The origins of the building remains shrouded in mystery. Some scholars tend to attribute the foundation of the castle to the emir Ja'far al-Kalbi (998-1019), believing that it was built over a preexisting structure. Other scholars believe that the castle dates back to the Norman era, although others consider that just the lake of the Favara Park was realized in the age of the Hauteville dynasty. The first documents regarding the castle and its park are the "Chronicon sive Annales" of Romuald Guarna and a poem of the muslim poet Abd ar-Rahman al-Itrabanishi (12th century).

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