Chiesa del Gesù

Palermo, Italy

Chiesa del Gesù


The Church of the Gesù (Italian: Chiesa del Gesù, pronounced [ˈkjeːza del dʒeˈzu]), known also as the Saint Mary of Jesus (Santa Maria di Gesù) or the Casa Professa, is a Baroque-style, Roman Catholic church established under the patronage of the Jesuit order, and located at Piazza Casa Professa 21 in Palermo, region of Sicily, Italy.

The Jesuits arrived in Palermo in 1549, and by the late 16th century began building a church adjacent to their professed house (casa professa) based on a design by the Jesuit architect Giovanni Tristano. The original design called for a single nave with large transepts and several side chapels, but the building was refurbished in starting in the early 17th century, to a more grandiose layout typical of Jesuit architecture. Natale Masuccio removed the chapels' dividing walls to add two side naves to the central one. The dome was completed in 1686.

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