Fontana Pretoria

Palermo, Italy

Fontana Pretoria


The Praetorian Fountain (Italian: Fontana Pretoria) is a monumental fountain located in Piazza Pretoria in the historic center of Palermo, region of Sicily, Italy. The fountain dominates the piazza on the west flank of the church of Santa Caterina, and is one block south of the intersection of the Quattro Canti. The fountain was originally built in 1544 in Florence by Francesco Camilliani, but was sold, transferred, and reassembled in Palermo in 1574.

The fountain was created for the garden of don Luigi de Toledo in Florence. Previously the plot of this piazza in Palermo was a garden that belonged to the nuns of San Domenico al Maglio and, after a lot of pressure, was obtained in 1551. Subsequently, in 1584, the Palazzo di San Clemente was built near this site. The creation of this unusual garden (devoid of palaces) and of the fountain was commissioned to the Florentine sculptor Francesco Camilliani, student of Baccio Bandinelli.

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