Piazza della Vittoria, Palermo

Palermo, Italy

Piazza della Vittoria, Palermo

Victory Square (Italian: Piazza della Vittoria) is a square of Palermo. It is located between the Royal Palace and the Palermo Cathedral, down the Cassaro street, in the quarter of the Albergaria, within the historic centre of Palermo. The square is dominated by the great garden of Villa Bonanno.

Piazza della Vittoria is situated in the most ancient zone of Palermo. In this area, in fact, the city was founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century BC. During the Roman era, the area was called "Paleopolis" in order to distinguish it from the more recent "Neapolis". After the Islamic conquest of Sicily Palermo became the island's capital and the Paleopolis was fortified and called in Arabic "al-Halqah" (fence, corral). This Arabic word then became the Sicilian "Galca".

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