Regional Archaeological Museum "Antonino Salinas"

Palermo, Italy

Regional Archaeological Museum "Antonino Salinas"


The Antonino Salinas Regional Archeological Museum (Italian: Museo Archeologico Regionale Antonino Salinas) is a museum in Palermo, Italy. It possesses one of the richest collections of Punic and Ancient Greek art in Italy, as well as many items related to the history of Sicily. Formerly the property of the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri, the museum is named after Antonino Salinas, a famous archaeologist and numismatist from Palermo who had served as its director from 1873 until his death in 1914, upon which he left it his major private collection. It is part of the Olivella monumental complex, which includes the Church of St. Ignatius and the adjoining Oratory.

The construction of the Olivella complex was begun in the late sixteenth century by the architect Antonio Muttone for the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri and completed in the seventeenth century. Following the law on the suppression of religious orders of 1866 the building was confiscated and became home to the museum.

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