Villa Malfitano Whitaker

Palermo, Italy

Villa Malfitano Whitaker


Villa Malfitano Whitaker is a 19th-century rural palace located in Via Dante, in the quarter of Politeama of Palermo, Sicily. It is presently a museum displaying Whitaker's natural history and archaeological collections, as well as his artwork.

The villa was built between 1886 and 1889 for the Anglo-Sicilian businessman Joseph Whitaker and his wife Tina Whitaker. It was designed by the architect Ignazio Greco and represents a synthesis of Neo-Renaissance and Eclecticism styles. The state rooms were frescoed with a rich floral trompe-l’oeil decoration by Ettore De Maria Bergler. Other smaller rooms have Flemish tapestries with scenes from the Aeneid and frescoes by Rocco Lentini and stuccoes by Salvatore Valenti.

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