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Pancharevo (Bulgarian: Панчарево, pronounced [pant͡ʃɐˈrɛvo], also transcribed as Pančarevo) is a resort village and district located on the outskirts of Sofia close to Vitosha, Lozenska and Plana mountains and occupies the southeastern part of the Capital Municipality.As of 2011 the village has 3,433 inhabitants, but the district about 28,000. It is the largest region in Sofia with a total area of 364,7 km². It includes the largest artificial lake in Bulgaria Lake Pancharevo, also as Iskar Reservoir and Pasarel Reservoir, located one above the other. The districts consists of 10 villages, and Pancharevo is the municipal seat:

The district offers excellent conditions for relaxation and tourism for the citizens of the capital. The large dams are used for water sports, fishing, camping and boat trips. There are many historical sights from the Middle Ages which include the ruins of the Urvich fortress which was the site of a desperate and unsuccessful battle against the Turkish invaders in the late 14th century. There are many monasteries and chapels, some of which lie in ruins since the fall of the Second Bulgarian Empire.

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