Christuskirche, Paris

Paris, France

Christuskirche, Paris

The Christuskirche is the church and parish of German Protestants in Paris (25 rue Blanche, 9th arrondissement). Initially founded as a Lutheran church, today it is a United church. The present building was completed in 1894. The official name is Deutsche Evangelische Christuskirche – Église protestant allemande à Paris. The church is a member of the Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland (EKD). It has a tradition as a concert venue of church music, with Helga Schauerte as the organist from 1982.

The German Protestant parish in Paris dates back to the 17th century, when Protestants were not permitted to hold services in Paris. Freedom of religion was granted by Napoleon in 1806. In the 19th century, around 70,000 Germans lived in Paris. They were guests in other churches for their services, until the present church was built in 1894. The building was confiscated during World War I. When it was returned to the German congregation in the 1920s, its interior was remodelled.

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