Fondation Jean Dausset-CEPH

Paris, France

Fondation Jean Dausset-CEPH

The Fondation Jean Dausset-CEPH or CEPH, formerly the Centre d'Etude du Polymorphisme Humain (the Center for the Study of Human Polymorphisms), is an international genetic research center located in Paris, France. It produced a map that includes genetic markers of human chromosomes using a resource of immortalised cell cultures.

In his 2005 addendum to his biography for the 1980 Nobel Prize, Jean Dausset noted that, thanks to his Nobel Prize and a grant from the French Téléthon, he had been able in 1984 to create the Human Polymorphism Study Centre (CEPH), which soon after became Foundation Jean Dausset-CEPH. Dausset founded CEPH with the collaboration of Professors Howard Cann and Daniel Cohen.

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