Île Louviers

Paris, France

Île Louviers

The Île Louviers, also known as the Île aux Javiaux, was an island in the Seine in Paris, France, that was attached to the bank in the nineteenth century. In the Early Middle Ages it was used for executions.

The island was situated in the river slightly upstream of the Île Saint-Louis. In 1408 the island belonged to the prévôt des marchands Nicolas de Louviers, whose name remained attached to it to the end. It was a low-lying ait in the river, used for pasturage as it was prone to flooding. The city of Paris purchased it in 1700 and let it out to timber merchants, whose supplies were floated downstream. As late as 1742 it was still scarcely inhabited (see the map of 1742 as illustration).

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