La Force Prison

Paris, France

La Force Prison

La Force Prison was a French prison located in the Rue du Roi de Sicile, in what is now the 4th arrondissement of Paris. Originally known as the Hôtel de la Force, the buildings formed the private residence of Henri-Jacques Nompar de Caumont, duc de la Force. Towards the end of the reign of Louis XIV, the Hôtel de la Force was divided into two parts, one of which took the name of the Hôtel de Brienne, and had its entrance in the Rue Pavée; the other retained its former name and had its entrance in the Rue du Roi de Sicile.

After passing through several hands, the buildings were acquired, in 1754, by the war ministry, and were transformed, in 1780, into a prison. The Hôtel de la Force was renamed La Grande Force and was intended for debtors and those charged with civil offences. The prison consisted of several buildings, each of which had a separate yard. The most airy building was situated in the centre between two yards planted with trees. It was there that such prisoners were detained who could incur some expense. On the left was the infirmary.

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