Parc de Choisy

Paris, France

Parc de Choisy

The Parc de Choisy is a public park located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, near the Quartier Asiatique between avenue de Choisy, rue George-Eastman, rue Charles-Moureu, and rue du Docteur-Magnan. It was created in 1937. The nearest metro station is Tolbiac.

The Parc de Choisy (1937), like the Square Saint-Lambert in the 15th arrondissement (1933), was built on the site of a former gas factory. The designer was 脡douard Crevel (1880-1969), who had become chief architect of the city of Paris in 1935. He was also the architect of the George Eastman Dental Institute (French: Institut dentaire George-Eastman), a dental college, next to the park. After World War II, he became architect of the Ministry of Reconstruction, rebuilding structures destroyed or damaged during the war.

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