Rue Laffitte

Paris, France

Rue Laffitte

Rue Laffitte is a street in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, located near the Metro stations Richelieu - Drouot and Notre-Dame-de-Lorette.

This street was created in 1771 between the Boulevard des Italiens and the Rue de Provence. Its original name was Rue d'Artois, in honour of the Comte d'Artois, brother of the king Louis XVI, later king of France with the name of Charles X. But in 1792, during the French Revolution, the prince had emigrated outside France and the street was renamed Rue Cerutti. Giuseppe Cerutti was an Italian writer living in a mansion in the street at the junction with the Boulevard des Italiens. He was a former Jesuit, became Republican and was elected to the French National Assembly. He wrote the eulogy of Mirabeau. He died the same year (1791) and the street was renamed in his honour.

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