Beck Isle Museum

Pickering, United Kingdom

Beck Isle Museum


The Beck Isle Museum of Rural Life is a social history museum in Pickering, North Yorkshire, England. The museum features period business displays including the shops of a barber, blacksmith, chemist, cobbler, cooper, printer, gentleman's draper, dairy, and hardware store. There is also a Victorian-era pub and parlour, and a historic costume gallery.

Its collection is housed in a fine regency period Grade II* listed mansion with farm outbuildings. Among the collections are the photography and photographic equipment of Sydney Smith (1884–1958), noted photographer of Pickering. Despite poor eyesight due to a childhood affliction with measles, Smith developed a love of photography, opening a photographic business in the 1900s and operating it with his wife, Maud, until World War I. Maud ran the shop while Smith fought in World War I, and after his return from the war he "gave up photography in order to run a garage on Park Street", though he continued to "spend all his spare time taking photographs".

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