Museo Nazionale di San Matteo

Pisa, Italy

Museo Nazionale di San Matteo


The National Museum of San Matteo in Pisa (Museo Nazionale di San Matteo) displays works from historic ecclesiastical buildings in the city and Province of Pisa.

The works span from early Medieval period to the 16th century. The collection includes sculptural masterworks by Nicola Pisano and Donatello. It has a rich collection of antique paintings, including works by Berlinghiero Volterrano, Giunta Pisano, Simone Martini, Lippo Memmi, Francesco Traini, Masaccio, Beato Angelico, Benozzo di Lese, and Ghirlandaio. The museum also has a collection of medieval illuminated manuscripts, wooden religious sculpture from 13th century to 15th century, and antique ceramics.

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