Abrams House (Pittsburgh)

Pittsburgh, United States

Abrams House (Pittsburgh)

The Abrams House is an architecturally notable residence in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1979–82 and is considered Pittsburgh's earliest example of Postmodern architecture. The house was designed by postmodernist pioneer Robert Venturi, who called the design "one of the best that has come out of our office".

The house was commissioned by retirees Betty and Irving Abrams, who were inspired by the nearby Frank House to commission an architecturally bold residence. It was constructed on a subdivided lot directly behind another notable house, the Giovannitti House, with which it shares a driveway. Construction of the Giovannitti House was partially funded by the sale of land for the Abrams House. The house sits on a private drive called Woodland Road which runs adjacent to Chatham University and contains a number of notable residences.

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