Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

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Playa Hermosa de Jaco is a small surfing village just south of Jaco, in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica. Known for consistent wave break throughout the year, it is one of Costa Rica's largest and most famous beaches. This black sand beach stretches from end to end, 12 km of beachfront, with 7 km accessible by car and wide open to an expanse of surf breaks. In 2009, Playa Hermosa hosted the ISA Billabong World Games, the largest event in this region to date.

Playa Hermosa is directly on the Costanera Highway that runs south to Quepos and Manuel Antonio. From Jaco, you can take a taxi for about US$7. Or take a bus that does the route to Quepos or Parrita (make sure they stop in Hermosa or you'll end up far away).

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