Podaca, Croatia

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Podaca is a coastal village and tourist locality in southern Dalmatia, Croatia, half way between cities of Split and Dubrovnik, or more closely bigger towns of Makarska and Ploče, in the Gradac municipality, across from Pelješac peninsula and the famous Hvar (Pharos) island.

Podaca as a part of the Makarska littoral is completely oriented towards tourism (with minimum and limited olive agriculture). There were about 660 inhabitants (data from 2009 census) population of Podaca. The locality has about 1100 beds available in private rooms and suits, with ca. 183 accommodation units in the tourist resort Morenia (renovated, extended and up-scaled in 2017 to 218) and about 600 accommodation units at the camping site "Uvala borova" (The pine bay). Well known for its beautiful beaches, peacefulness of the pinewood forests and the local cuisine that offers traditional Dalmatian gourmet spacials, together with a few daytrip attractive destinations, make Podaca a desirable place for family summer vacation. Unfortunately most of the facilities get closed and activities are reduced as early as October and only re-activate in May or some even only with the start of June. As of 90s there has been a trend of older population from neighboring regions (mostly Bosnia & Herzegovina) retiring to live in this area, hence extending the use of summer vacation houses. However many of the local youth are leaving the area for work since Croatia joined EU.

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