Podolsk, Russia

Travel to Podolsk

Podolsk is a largest city in Moscow Oblast, by quantity of residents (207,000) comparable to such regional centers, as Pskov or Great Novgorod. The city built out of high-rise buildings makes a quite melancholy impression, but this feeling is deceptive. To realize this, you simply need to get out of the car.

By car: 36 km down Warshaw highway, which goes through the city, right turn from Simferopol highway. By train: Podolsk station, trains leave from Kursky train station in Moscow. By bus: several routes from Yugnaya metro station in Moscow, some buses also reach Vidnoe (59) and Domodedovo (57 from Domodedovo station, 67 - Barybino station, 71 - Belie Stolby station).

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