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Ponte de Lima is a town on the banks of the River Lima, in Minho, in Viana do Castelo district. It is the oldest village in Portugal. This village and its iconic bridge are located in the heart of the Vinho Verde region, which, together with its lively festivals and popular festivals, has made it famous throughout the country.

Ponte de Lima (POHN-t(ih) d(ih) LEE-muh, /ˈpõ.tɨ dɨ ˈɫi.mɐ/) is named for the long bridge over the River Lima. It is said that the Romans thought this was the mythical river Lethe because of its beauty and were afraid of losing their memories if they were to cross it! Their undaunted general swam across alone and called to each of his men by name to prove he had retained his memory and then they all crossed.

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