Troy Historic Village

Pontiac, United States

Troy Historic Village

The Troy Historic Village is located in the city of Troy, Michigan. The establishment allows visitors to view the lifestyle of those who lived in Troy Township in the 1800s. The carefully restored buildings include the main building (City Hall), log cabin, a Greek Revival Home, a brick one-room school, print shop, wagon shop, a town hall, a general store, and a turn of the century church and parsonage.

The main building that was once upon a time called Troy Township but later on renamed city hall was designed by an architect named J. Bissell and was made in the year 1927. The building was remade under the leadership of the township supervisor Morris Wattles who decided that the building should be modeled after a Dutch colonial tavern in the city of Troy, New York. After the completion of the City Hall the museum opened inside of the building in 1966.

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