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The Punta Abona Lighthouse (Spanish: Faro de Punta Abona) is an active lighthouse on the south-eastern coast of Tenerife in the Canary islands. It is located between Abades and Poris de Abona, in the municipality of Arico. The lighthouse was the second to be constructed on the rocky headland of Punta Abona, which marks the south-east side of the island, and lies between the Punta de Anaga Lighthouse to the north and the Punta Rasca Lighthouse of Arona to the south.

The first lighthouse was completed in 1902, as part of the first maritime lighting plan for the Canaries, to act as a navigation aid for the coastal shipping between Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the ports of the western Canary Islands. Built in a similar style to other Canarian 19th century lights, it consists of a white washed single storey building, with dark volcanic rock used for the masonry detailing. This originally contained two separate living quarters, a warehouse, and an office grouped around a small courtyard. The lantern dome was attached to the flat roof of the building, on the seaward side, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It remained in service until it was replaced in the 1970s by the new modern tower.

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