Portadown, United Kingdom

Portadown is an industrial town historically in County Armagh in Northern Ireland, but since 2015 part of the Armagh-Banbridge-Craigavon District. Its population in 2011 was about 22,000. Its eastern parts are called Craigavon for the new town that was only partially built there.

Standing at the south tip of Lough Neagh, Portadown was traditionally a linen-processing town that became a transport hub. In 1741 the Newry Canal linked Lough Neagh, Portadown, and the sea below Newry. In the 19th century the Dublin-Belfast railway arrived - the line swings inland through Portadown to avoid the hills south of Belfast. In 1965 construction began for a new town, Craigavon, intended to stretch from Portadown to Lurgan. Some housing estates were built but the project flopped as investment and employment drained from the area, perhaps a blessing in disguise as the design was based on ugly Cumbernauld in Scotland. It also offended potential Catholic residents that the place was named after Lord Craigavon (1871-1940), first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, who sought "a Protestant parliament for a Protestant people".

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