Monument to Pedro IV (Porto)

Porto, Portugal

Monument to Pedro IV (Porto)

The monument to King Pedro IV (Portuguese: Monumento a D. Pedro IV) is located in the Liberdade Square in Porto, Portugal.

The bronze statue on a top of a high column (10 meters) of lioz stone was made of 5 tons of bronze by Célestin Anatole Calmels (sculpture) and Joaquim da Costa Lima (architecture). The column features two-sided pedestal stands which depict the delivery of Pedro’s heart to the representatives of Porto and landing at Mindelo where Pedro IV gave the flag to Tomás de Melo Breyner. These two low-reliefs were originally made of Carrara marble, and they have been replaced with bronze duplicates for protection purposes. The coats of arms of Bragança and Porto have been depicted on the front and back sides of the column and surrounded with oak and bay leaves.

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