Barrandov Terraces

Prague, Czech Republic

Barrandov Terraces

Barrandov Terraces (Czech: Barrandovské terasy) is a complex of buildings in the southern part of Prague, Czech Republic. It is dominated by the functional view restaurant Terraces (Czech: Terasy) designed by architect Max Urban (1927-31). Barrandov Terraces are a part of the project of Václav M. Havel for the construction of a neighbourhood on the slope of the Habrová hill. The project was inspired by Cliff House near San Francisco. The building is owned by the company Barrandovské terasy, a.s., its major shareholder being Michalis Dzikos.

After the Second World War Barrandov Terraces were nationalized by the state. In 1982 the popular Trilobit bar was closed.

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