Hus' House (Vršovice)

Prague, Czech Republic

Hus' House (Vršovice)

The Hus' House or Husův sbor is a Hussite church in the Vršovice area of Prague. This building was one of the first buildings in Prague built from pre-stressed concrete and brick panels. It was built in less than a year and includes a "lighthouse" tower topped with symbol of Hussite church, a chalice and a cross.

The Hus' House was built in 1930 using the novel material of pre-stressed concrete. The beginning of that build began with the formation of a committee in 1921 to create this church. The land for the building had previously been used for a coaching inn and a blacksmith. The emerging local Hussite group received national recognition in 1923 and their work led to the appointment of Karel Truksta. Truksta was an architect trained in Prague and it was his role to not only make the design but also the specification for builders to quote for the work.

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