Marian column (Prague)

Prague, Czech Republic

Marian column (Prague)

The Marian column of Prague is a religious monument consisting of a column topped with a statue of the Virgin Mary, located in the city's Old Town Square. The column was erected in 1650, shortly after the conclusion of the Thirty Years' War. It was demolished in November 1918, coinciding with the fall of Austria-Hungary. In 2020, the column was reconstructed, with planned completion on 15 August 2020.

Prague's Marian column was built in the Old Town Square in 1650 as a thanks for the city's role in the Battle of Prague in 1648, which resulted in a Bohemian victory over the Swedish Empire. The column was sculpted by Johann Georg Bendl. It was the fourth oldest Marian column in Europe, following Rome (1614), Munich (1638) and Vienna (1647).

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