Žižkov freight railway station

Prague, Czech Republic

Žižkov freight railway station

Praha-Žižkov freight railway station (Czech: nákladové nádraží Žižkov) is a railway station formerly used for rail freight transport, located in the Žižkov district of Prague, the capital of Czechia. It was originally opened in 1936 and ceased operations in 2002. The station building was confirmed as a cultural monument in March 2013.

The station, which was built in an area previously known as Červený Dvůr, went into service on 1 March 1936. The buildings were designed by Karel Caivas and Vladimír Weiss, whereas Miroslav Chlumecký designed the track infrastructure. The purpose of the station was to relieve Prague city centre of freight train services. It was also used for warehousing, although the creation of a food warehouse in the district of Strašnice in 1966 reduced the demand at the station. The station's formal service ceased in 2002. The access track with a rail branching is used for a container terminal which is adjacent to the freight station building and is in service up to now.

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