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Provincetown is at the very tip of the Cape Cod peninsula region of Massachusetts. Perhaps due to being at the remote end of the Cape and because of its variety of beautiful scenes, Provincetown has attracted artists of all types over the years. One of the oldest artist colonies in America, it has produced a large number of excellent galleries, cutting edge theatre and many unique shops. There is also the persistence of an attitude of tolerance, making Provincetown a preferred home and travel destination for many gays and lesbians.

"P-town", as it is sometimes called, also has an intriguing history as the first landing site of the Pilgrims and the place where the Mayflower Compact was signed. Fishing and whaling have also been a huge part of Provincetown's past. Its large, safe harbor and prime location made it the Cape's fishing center, with thousands of ships calling it home port. The glory days of fishing are now gone and only about two dozen ships continue the traditions. The Portuguese influence brought by the fishing era still lives in Provincetown.

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