Porta Gemina

Pula, Croatia

Porta Gemina

The Dvojna vrata (Porta Gemina) is a Roman city gate located in Pula, Croatia. It was built during the late 2nd century. The Porta gemina is a double arched gate. It was one of the ten city gates of Pula, standing at the north side of the capitol.

In antiquity, Pula was surrounded by walls. In modern times, these were knocked down out of necessity, due to the expansion of the town core. There were about ten city gates, of which the Porta Gemina and part of the walls connecting it to Giardin square are still visible today. In the Middle Ages, the gates were buried underground. They were only recently dug out and brought back to light. The Dvojna vrata, or Porta Gemina, was named after its two semi-circular openings leading into the town, probably built in the late 2nd century or early 3rd century AD on the remains of an earlier town gate.

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