Cathedral of Maldonado

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Cathedral of Maldonado

The Cathedral of Saint Ferdinand of Maldonado (Spanish: Catedral de San Fernando de Maldonado) is the main Roman Catholic church building of Maldonado, Uruguay. Since 1966, it took the name of Cathedral for being the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Maldonado-Punta del Este, founded by S.S. Paul VI on January 10, 1966. Its first pastor was Antonio Corso (1966-1985), and its current pastor is Rodolfo Wirz (1985-Present).

A first church was built in Spanish colonial times. The construction of the present Neoclassical building was started in 1801, but the English Invasions 1806, interrupted the works, a delay that caused completion of the cathedral to take almost a century. It was finally inaugurated in 1895 by the Archbishop of Montevideo, Mariano Soler. It is dedicated to saint Ferdinand.

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