Jesuit Chapel (Quebec City)

Quebec City, Canada

Jesuit Chapel (Quebec City)

The Jesuit Chapel is a chapel of the Society of Jesus located in the Old Quebec neighbourhood of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. It was designed by François Baillairgé and built in from 1818 to 1930. It is situated on Rue Dauphine in Old Quebec close to the ramparts of Quebec City.

After the suppression of the Jesuits on 21 July 1773, the Bishop of Quebec Jean-Olivier Briand allowed the Jesuits to remain Quebec. However, the government refused to allow the Jesuits to have any new members and would not allow any new French priests to come to Canada. This meant that the number of Jesuits reduced as their members died. The last Canadian Jesuit, Fr. Jean-Joseph Casot, died at Quebec in 1800.

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