Sillery Heritage Site

Quebec City, Canada

Sillery Heritage Site

The Sillery Heritage Site (French: site patrimonial de Sillery), formerly known as the Sillery Historic District (French: arrondissement historique de Sillery), is a territory containing historic residential and institutional properties, as well as woodlands, located in the Sainte-Foy–Sillery–Cap-Rouge borough of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. It is one of four heritage sites which are located in the City of Quebec. Having been called the "cradle of the Quebec nation," it includes approximately 350 buildings situated on a linear 3.5 kilometres (2.175 miles) wide landscape, which is alongside, as well as an integral part of the coast of the Saint Lawrence River. The built environment was constructed in all of the time periods, including and following the foundation of New France (French: Nouvelle-France).

Amongst the district's properties are the early 18th century Jesuit House of Sillery (French: maison des Jésuites-de-Sillery), 19th century workers' homes on Foulon Road (French: chemin du Foulon (also known during this time period by the English name Cove Road)) and the Sillery coast (near Saint-Michel of Sillery Church (French: église Saint-Michel de Sillery), villas built by wood barons in the 19th century, and institutional properties built at the turn of the 20th century.

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