Canyon Blaster (Great Escape)

Queensbury, United States

Canyon Blaster (Great Escape)

Canyon Blaster is a steel roller coaster located at Great Escape in Queensbury, New York.

Canyon Blaster originally opened as Timber Topper at the now-defunct Opryland USA theme park in Nashville, Tennessee. Manufactured by Arrow Development, the ride opened with the park in 1972 and remained its only full-size coaster until Wabash Cannonball opened in 1975 as part of a major park expansion. It carried a rustic mine train theme, though unlike many similar coasters at other parks, it did not enter a tunnel or travel underground. In the late 1970s, the coaster was renamed Rock n' Roller Coaster, when its park area was rethemed to "Doo-Wah Diddy City", paying homage to the doo wop music of the 1950s. As part of the re-theming, its trains and buildings associated with the ride were repainted in bright pastel colors.

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