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Ravenscar, United Kingdom

Ravenscar WW2 Radar Station - National Trust


Bent Rigg Radar Station, (also known as Royal Air Force Ravenscar, and Ravenscar tracking station), was a radar site located at Bent Rigg, 0.6 miles (1 km) south of Ravenscar, North Yorkshire, England. Several radar stations had been located in the Ravenscar area from 1938, but a more permanent site was built at Bent Rigg in 1941, which was crewed by technicians and other staff from the Royal Air Force. Bent Rigg, and the wider location around Ravenscar, was deemed "attractive" for the siting of long-range finding equipment. It was originally part of the Coastal Defence/Chain Home Low (CD/CHL) system, designed to detect shipping. Later, it was upgraded with more powerful equipment as part of the Chain Home Extra Low (CHEL). The last recorded use of the station was in September 1944, and it is believed that the site closed soon afterwards.

A few structures remain at the site, with the foundations of the accommodation blocks still extant near an abandoned railway line to the west. The site is open to the public, being located next to the Cleveland Way, and the National Trust have erected information boards detailing the buildings and the history of the site.

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