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Riga Film Museum is the only museum of its kind in Latvia. It holds various exhibitions that display different aspects of cinema art, actors and film history. The museum was founded in 1988 and is located in two buildings: an 18th-century building located on 10 Peitavas Street in Vecrīga, and the building of Eduards Smiļģis' Theater Museum on 1 Talsu Street in Pārdaugava.

The idea to establish the Film Museum in Riga came about during the traditional cinema forum called ”Kino Diena” (English: "Film Day") in 1986. The leaders of this project were Augusts Sukuts, Inga Pērkone-Redoviča, and Juris Civjans. They managed to start a museum by getting a permission from the Soviet Union cinema organization.

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