Vērmane Garden

Rīga, Latvia

Vērmane Garden


Vērmane Garden (Latvian: Vērmanes dārzs, German: Wöhrmanns Garten) is the oldest public garden in the city of Riga, Latvia, and currently comprises an area of approximately 5 hectares (12 acres). The current name is a Latvian transliteration of the garden's original German name.

Vērmane Garden was originally created as Wöhrmann Park in 1814 on behalf of the Governor General of Governorate of Livonia Philip Paulucci, just a couple of years after the outskirts of Riga was burned down during the French invasion of Russia prior to the Siege of Riga. Financing and land for the park was sponsored by the Prussian Consul General to Riga Johann Christoph Wöhrmann (1784–1843) and his mother Anna Gertrud Wöhrmann (née Abels, 1750–1827).

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