Copacabana Fort

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Copacabana Fort


Fort Copacabana (Portuguese: Forte de Copacabana, IPA: [ˈfɔʁtʃi dʒi ˌkɔpɐkɐˈbɐ̃na]) is a military base at the south end of the beach that defines the district of Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. The base is open to the public and contains the Museu Histórico do Exército (Army Historical Museum) and a coastal defense fort that is the actual Fort Copacabana.

The fort is built on a headland that originally contained a small chapel holding a replica of the Virgen de Copacabana, the patron saint of Bolivia. In 1908 the Brazilian army started to build a modern coastal defense fort on the headland to protect both the beach of Copacabana and the entrance to the harbour of Rio de Janeiro. The fort, completed in 1914, consists of two armoured cupolas, one holding a pair of 305 mm (12 in) Krupp cannons, and the other a pair of 190 mm (7+12 in) Krupp cannons.

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