San Francesco a Ripa

Rome, Italy

San Francesco a Ripa

San Francesco a Ripa is a church in Rome, Italy. It is dedicated to Francis of Assisi who once stayed at the adjacent convent. The term Ripa refers to the nearby riverbank of the Tiber.

The origins of this church are related to a Franciscan convent in the Trastevere quarter of Rome, which in 1231 annexed a church dedicated to Saint Blaise (San Biagio). This church was decorated with the St Francis cycle by Pietro Cavallini, now lost. This cycle probably served as the prototype for the famous Legend of St. Francis frescoes ascribed to Giotto di Bondone in the Upper Basilica of St Francis in Assisi. The construction of the present church was begun in 1603 by Onorio Longhi, starting with the apse. The facade was finished in 1681-1701 with designs by Mattia de Rossi. From 1873 to 1943 the church was used as barracks by the Bersaglieri.

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