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Rosebush (Welsh: Rhos-y-bwlch) is a small village in the community of Maenclochog, Pembrokeshire, southwest Wales, UK. It lies in the southern slopes of the Preseli Hills, about 1 mile (1.6 km) north west of the village of Maenclochog. Slate was extensively quarried nearby, and was exported by the Narberth Road and Maenclochog Railway, which was later extended towards Fishguard. Today, Rosebush is a centre for exploring the Preseli Hills.

The name Rosebush, an unusual name in the area, is assumed to be an Anglicisation of Rhos y Bwlch or Rhosbwlch (gap/pass moor), a geographically descriptive name typical of the area, being the moorland gap beneath the passes (Bwlch-gwynt and Bwlch Pennant) that lie between the peaks of Foel Eryr and Foel Cwmcerwyn.

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