Pozhalostin Museum

Ryazan, Russia

Pozhalostin Museum

The Pozhalostin Ryazan Regional and State Art Museum (Russian: Рязанский государственный областной художественный музей имени И. П. Пожалостина) is one of the oldest art museums in Russia. It houses about 12,000 items of Russian and Western Art, mainly paintings, graphics, sculptures, traditional arts and crafts, dating from the late 15th to the late 20th centuries. Its Western collection includes some works of the painters of the Flemish, French, and Italian schools, as well as porcelain items from English, German, and French manufacturers. A number of paintings, drawings, and sculptures, including several ancient icons, represent the museum's Russian Art collection. The works of Ryazan artists (including traditional clothing, glass, clay toys, etc.) occupy an important part of the exposition.

The museum was found in 1913 as Prof. Ivan Pozhalostin Art and History Museum Society. Among the members of the above-mentioned society were prominent local artists and other Ryazan intellectuals. The endowment from some Moscow painters as well as the items of Prof. Pozhalostin's private collection formed the basis of the future museum.

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