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Rzeszów ([ˈʒɛʃuf]; Ukrainian: Ряшів, Riashiv) is the capital city of Subcarpathian Voivodeship in the south east of Poland and has about 185,000 inahbitants. It has been a private town of the Lubomirski family for centuries. It has a fine old town, two synagogues and some castles.

The oldest written records of Rzeszów date back to 1354, when the place was granted city rights. The Lubomirski family, the owners of the town, were patrons of culture, arts and science. Under their reign Rzeszów developed quickly and its role and position in the region noticeably increased. Since then, the town has been a meeting point of many European nations from the Byzantine East and Mediterranean West and people from the southern and northern parts of Europe. It is a great example of how a young, vibrant and dynamically developing city is adapted to its historical heritage.

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