Rue de Caumartin

Saint-Denis, France

Rue de Caumartin

The Rue de Caumartin in the 9th arrondissement of Paris received its name from Antoine-Louis Lefebvre de Caumartin, marquis de Saint-Ange, Comte de Moret (1725-1803), who was prévôt des marchands (1778-1784). He gave the authorization to open the street on 3 July 1779. Opened in 1780, the street extended from the rue Basse-du-Rempart located at the foot of the rampart (now Boulevard des Capucines) to rue Neuve-des-Mathurins through land acquired from the priests mathurins by Charles-Marin Delahaye, general-farmer. Further on the north, was the small street Thiroux opened in 1773 by President Thiroux of Arconvillé. And the small rue Sainte-Croix opened further on the north in 1780 through marshes and fields. The Rue de Caumartin absorbed them on 5 May 1849.

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