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Saint-Jean-de-Luz (French pronunciation: ​[sɛ̃ ʒɑ̃ d(ə) lyz]; Basque: Donibane Lohitzune, Spanish: San Juan de Luz, Occitan: Sent Joan de Lus, [ˈsend͡ʒwan ˈde lyz]) is a commune in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, southwestern France. Saint-Jean-de-Luz is part of the Basque province of Labourd (Lapurdi).

Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a fishing port on the Basque coast and now a famous resort, known for its architecture, sandy bay, the quality of the light and the cuisine. The town is located south of Biarritz, on the right bank of the river Nivelle (French for Urdazuri) opposite to Ciboure. The port lies on the estuary just before the river joins the ocean. The summit of Larrun is about 8 km (5 mi) south-east of the town. The summit can be reached by the Petit train de la Rhune, which starts from the Col de Saint-Ignace, 10.5 km (6.5 mi) east of the town on the D4 road to Sare. It is in the traditional province of Lapurdi of the Basque Country.

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