Grigory Butakov

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Grigory Butakov

Grigory Ivanovich Butakov (Russian: Григорий Иванович Бутаков) (9 October 1820 – 31 May 1882) was a Russian admiral who fought in the Crimean War. Butakov is widely credited as being the father of steam-powered ship tactics during the 19th century. He was involved in the first battles of the Crimean War, which includes the first sea battles involving steam-powered ships. Butakov wrote of his experiences in his book: New Principles of Steamboat Tactics (1863), which won him the Demidov Prize. In 1881 Butakov assumed the role of Commander-in-Chief of the Port of St. Petersburg. He was also made a member of the State Council in March 1882. Shortly after gaining both titles however, Butakov fell seriously ill, and died on the 31 May 1882, aged 62. The minor planet 4936 Butakov was named in his memory.

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