Moscow Triumphal Gate

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Moscow Triumphal Gate

The Moscow Triumphal Gate (Russian: Моско́вские Триумфа́льные воро́та, Moskovskiye Triumfalnye vorota) is a Neoclassical triumphal arch in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The monument, built mainly in cast iron, was erected in 1834–1838 to commemorate the Russian victory in the Russo-Turkish War, 1828-1829.

At the beginning, the triumphal gate was supposed to be erected by the Obvodny Canal, but as the city expanded further to the south, the site for the gate was moved to the intersection of the Moscow highway (today: the Moscow Avenue) and the Ligovsky Canal. In addition, two guard posts were erected on both sides of the Moscow highway. In this way, the monument not only became a triumphal structure, but also a gateway into the imperial capital.

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