Saint Petersburg Lensoviet Theatre

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg Lensoviet Theatre

The Lensoviet Academic Theatre (in Russian: Санкт-Петербургский академический театр имении Ленсовета) is a troupe of actors and production management in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The resident company was founded as the Young Theatre in 1929, then renamed the New Theatre in 1933, and finally the Leningrad Soviet Theatre in 1939, and occupied the current location at 12 Vladimirski Prospekt in Saint Petersburg since 1945.

The company of permanent members and production management are located at 12 Vladimirski Prospekt, the historic landmark 19 Century mansion formerly built for and owned by Korsakov and Prince Golitsyn families, then owned by the "Society of Managers and Merchants" before the Communist Revolution of 1917. The building was nationalized and maintained by the Soviet government, some renovations and reconstructions of the interiors and facade were done during 1930s – 1980s. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the economic situation changed dramatically and the landmark building became attractive to numerous private businesses and restaurants. However, the Government still owned the building and continued supporting the company of actors at this location by subsidizing the troupe and stage management, and also by funding the interior and exterior restorations during 2000 – 2010. The renovated building is owned by the City of Saint Petersburg, Russia. As of 2020, the ground floor is occupied by two restaurants and a souvenir shop. The troupe of actors use the main stage with auditorium for 900 seats, and the small stage with auditorium for 150 seats. The company of actors and management are supported by Federal budget of Russia through the Russian Ministry of Culture.

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