Saint Petersburg Ring Road

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg Ring Road

The Saint Petersburg Ring Road (Russian: Кольцевая автомобильная дорога вокруг Санкт-Петербурга) is a 142 km (88 mile) orbital freeway encircling Saint Petersburg, Russia. The city's only beltway, it is listed in the Russian road numbering system as federal public highway A-118.

The need for the construction of a beltway around St Petersburg was first stated in the 1965 General Development Plan of Leningrad. The western segment of the road was planned to be constructed as a causeway forming part of a proposed flood-protection dam in the Gulf of Finland. In late 1979, construction of the dam facilities commenced and by the early 1990s a two-lane road connected the northern shore of the Gulf of Finland with the city of Kronstadt on Kotlin Island. However, lack of financing in the midst of economic turmoil in Russia halted further development of both the dam and the Ring Road project in 1992.

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