Sakskøbing, Denmark


The Berritzgaard estate and manor house is one of the largest and best preserved manor houses on the island of Lolland in Denmark. The estate can be traced back to 1382, to its first owner, Markvard Pøiske. The estate developed from a village called "Berith", situated where the Berritzgaard manor house now stands. Later, the Huitfeldt family purchased the estate. Jacob Huitfeldt and his wife Lisebeth Friis built the present manor house that was constructed by Hans van Steenwinckel the Elder. Lisebeth Friis was widowed before the house was finished in 1586.

The style of the house is in the Dutch Renaissance architectural style and Berritzgaard is considered to be the most unspoiled example of a manor house from this style period in Denmark.

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