Sigmundstor, Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria

Sigmundstor, Salzburg

The Sigmundstor, generally known as the Neutor, is a tunnel in Salzburg built in the 18th century. 131 metres long, connecting the Altstadt with the Riedenburg quarter, it is the oldest road tunnel in Austria. After the 64-metre Urnerloch in the Gotthard Pass (Switzerland) and the eastern bore of the Ilzdurchbruch in Passau (Bavaria) it is the oldest known road tunnel in Europe. In earlier times it was also one of the city gates of the historic Altstadt. From 1916 to 1940 a tramline ran through it, and since then it has formed part of a route of the trolleybuses in Salzburg.

In 1675 the court commissioner of buildings Michael Springrueber approached Hofkriegsrat Guidobald Franz Freiherr von Hegi with a proposal to improve the fortifications protecting the central areas of Salzburg city, cutting the Mönchsberg ridge in two, and connecting the parts with a drawbridge. This would prevent any enemy that had succeeded in taking the Monika and Augustiner forts from making its way along the Mönchsberg right up to the outer works of the castle and from bombarding the old town from the heights.

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